Sark First

About Sark First

Sark First is a group of Sark residents who recognise the need to find a solution to the political disenfranchisement of a sizeable minority of the electorate on Sark. It is their belief that until such a time as a solution is found the island will continue to depopulate and the economy will deteriorate to a point of no return.

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A committee of 12 islanders was formed in May 2014. Each committee member was tasked with gauging public opinion and with giving islanders the opportunity to register support for an application to the European Court of Human Rights to have the reform law of 2008 / 2010 repealed and for it to be replaced with an alternative universally recognised system of electing our government.

Over 100 Sark residents have so far signed in confidence the statement above in support of an application to the European Court.

The principal signatories to the application are Sark residents Tony Le Lievre, Robert Knight and Peter Tonks.

Sark First has registered as a Non Profit Organisation and will be calling on the public for contributions to finance the application to the ECHR.

27th October 2014